Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall = knit and hot tea

Finally is sweater season and i love it.
I fell so comfy in sweaters and i can't get enough of them, so as i like to have multiple sweaters in the same color, specially grey and camel, i like to find ones with details that make them different.
This one is amazing, i love the cable knit and the metal detailing in the side makes it so different from the other (like 10 grey sweaters) that i own.
This one is from ChicWish and you can find it here. It comes in other great colors too.
I honestly can't stop styling this Zara boots with everything, from cozy looks, to chic or edgy, aren't they great?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mustard cardigan

A black base has always been one my favorite ways to style a bit of color, as the color immediately pops out.
I've been a big fan of mustard yellow for such a long time, those kind of yellowish earthy 70s shades have always been some of my favorite colors.
As the winter and the colder days arrive, i've been preparing my wardrobe, and whats better for the sweater season than a cardigan. With a cardigan you can sill wear your favorite tops during the transition or you can warm it up by wearing a sweater under it during the cold days, i absolutely love cardigans and i like to have them in lots of colors just to throw them up over any kind of outfit.
This one is from ChicWish and you can find it here.  If you're not a fan of mustard it comes in other colors too :)

Forest Green

Love this greyish, pale shade of green paired with black. Such a good choice for people that doesn't wear much color, like me, but that want to try others more than black, white, grey or beige. Almost my entire wardrobe can be reduced to this 4 colors, but know i'm adding some color.
Here i'm wearing a crop top from Rebellious Fashion that you can find here, and a kinda matching blazer from Zara.
The jeans are levi's 501, as per usual, they are my absolute fav.
The boots are from In The Style, and although i'm wearing much more kitten heels lately, i still need some awesome bad boys like this boots

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Knit and straw

Who would say that this outfit would be perfect for middle October? Although it feels so good to have warm weather for so long it worries me a lot this climate change and the devastation it can bring along with it.
As for my outfit, y'all know i'm a sucker for all black, but before i used to wear all black without a trace of another color, know i like to bring some other colors or texture into my outfits. The straw bag immediately pops on the outfit and it matches the hell of my Shuzee sandals perfectly.
What inspired me to put this outfit together was actually the top, i absolutely love off the shoulder tops, and i have to say that this is my favorite one, love the knit, and the sleeves are to die for. The top is from in The Style and you can find it here

Don't ever forget to add mascara after your makeup is done? omfg lately i forget to apply my mascara a lot and i ended with crazy eyes without lashes at all, because my lashes are that long or even that full, it happened to me like 4 times this last few months and that have never happened before, i keep forgetting to apply my mascara xD you can perfectly see it in this photos hahaha.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Linen Blazer

Linen is one of my favorite fabrics. I think it's so relaxed and yet so chic, like everything in the world actually, don't you think that the simplest things are the better?
I was looking for a white blazer for so long and didn't found one that i really like, i think they all look kind of the same and they tend to look a lot like the doctors (i don't know how to call it in english: gown? coat?) Bur this one is really different, i absolutely love its ripped seams.
I think a white blazer can be very versatile, ere i'm wearing it in a simple white tee + jeans look, but i absolutely love how it looks in a all black look, or even with jeans and a grey tee (that reminds me that i absolutely need  grey t-shirt).
This blazer is from VIPshop and you can find it here. It also comes in black and it looks so so amazing! I'm thinking about buying the black one as well :)
By the way you can use my discount code: CLAUDIA728 to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50and at VIPshop, go and check them out, i'm sure that you will find amazing clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. 
The beige suede boots really make this look more casual, they are from Drop shoes and you can find them online at Prof here
I'm still very into straw bags, and i think they look gorgeous in autumn/winter outfits, because they really stand out. This one is from Rosegal and you can find it here

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Autumn colors

My i say that my favorite type of coat is the trench? I absolutely love it, i think it turns every look in a put together stylish look, no matter what style you have. When i used to wear darker, grungier, edgier clother i was such a sucker for a trench, if i'm feeling more fancy i continue to love a good trench coat and if i want to be casual i still die for a trench! I think it's such a statement piece!
I have some leather black ones, and a black one exactly the same as this but in black, but i most definitely needed a "normal" beige trench. 
This one is from ChicWish and you can find it here. I absolutely love it, i love it so much that i had the same in black for a year and kept thinking about the beige one.
And what looks better with a trench than boots? Nada! I absolutely love the trench + black boot combo.
This ones are from Prof and you can find them here. I can say for sure that other than gorgeous this are the best shoes i have for this winter, Prof's quality is always major and never disappoints. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Romwe wish list

Decided to make another wishlist for this new season.
Every new season i try to find my "iconic" pieces, i mean the trendy pieces that i really want for the next season.
And if i had to name them i would say for sure: plaid coats, turtleneck sweaters and red pieces. Red has ben one of my favorite colors and i like to wear it in some small details like a belt or a bag, i also like red shoes, in a coat o sweater for a bigger impact and i also really like to wear red from red to toe actually.
Here i leave you my favorite pieces of those trends that i found at Romwe.

Plaid coats are the biggest trend for this winter season, and i absolutely love everything plaid. This is one of my absolutely favorite, you can find it here.

And what better to wear under a plaid coat? A turtleneck sweater! i absolutely love the black sweater + black jeans combo with a plaid coat over it. You can find this sweater here.

A red blazer is the prefect red piece because it's so versatile. It can be wore with a simple white tee, some mom jeans and sneakers, or with some trendy sweat pants a turtleneck and some heels cute heels, all black with mules, you name it. You can find this one here

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Army green

One of my favorite color for this winter is this shade of green, a cold army green.
I'm a sucker for cami tops and think that one can never have to many camis because they are the perfect basic. They are simple but i love the cut and the silky fabrics, they looks perfect paired with almost everything you can imagine, personally i love to pair them with blazers, leather jackets and chunky knit coats. I need to have them in all the colors, and this one is one of my favorite.
The top is from VIPshop and you can find it here, it comes in a variety of different colors and i could have them all :)
You can also use my code: CLAUDIA728 at VIPshop to get $5 OFF on orders over $50, go check them out because they have amazing things. The circle bag is also from VIPshop, and they have an amazing selection of bags.
This days i've been feeling the need to be a bit more comfortable, and i'm not wearing heels as much, this mules are the perfect choice for when i wanna be comfy, because they are so stylish, and i absolutely love how a pair of black mules like this looks paired with jeans and a silky cami top, the blazer makes the look a bit more put together and work appropriate. To bring some details to the look i'm wearing all rose gold acessories.
I just feel simple and yet so chic in a outfit like this. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Black and silver

You know i always loved a good all black look!
I've always been into suits, since high school really, i love them laid back with flats or sneakers and i also love them put together with heels. Loved every single way to wear a suit. And now they are so IN :)
A simple but good all black look it's all about the details, i like them simple too, here i'm wearing a velvet + lace top that gives some texture to the look and the black and silver accessories really put everything together. Foom the shoes from DROPP, to the belt, from Zaful, to the watch from Daniel Wellington.
You know i'm a sucker for watches and i never don't wear a watch, and actually i almost never wear brands other than Daniel Wellington, it got to say that it is my absolute favorite.
If you like Daniel Wellington as much as i do, you will love the new petite ashfield that i'm using here, also you can use my coupon code: HOLINIGHTS15 for a 15% when you're buying at Daniel Wellington.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mustard Yellow

Been absolutely loving mustard yellow. 
Mustard yellow is actually a color that i always loved, everything abou it is so vintage, it really passes me a retro vibe, what i absolutely love.
This top is the cutest and i'm so sad that the weather is becoming colder because i want to wear it a lot, it still looks good with a jacket, but i love it like this, for itself. Knit is the chicest and most comfortable thing in the world. 
This top is from WEARALL and you can find it here.
Sandals are from Shuzee, and you can find them here.
Hope you like this look.